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Pictures Presentation Maker has a multilingual support.

Now it is in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian and Portuguese.

You can translate PPM to another language and get your registering key free.

In order to do it you should open Interface editor (it is described in help file), add a new language to it then translate all the captions and phrases to your language. After that you should send language file (not the program!) to with your data for registering (at least your name). Language files are stored in the directory of the program. For example, it could be C:\Program Files\Pictures Software\Pictures Presentation Maker\French.lng or any other language you translated to. Please, before you send us your language file, open this page and make sure that language you want to translate to is needed. We do not need several files for the same language. When we get your language file your registering key will be sent to you immediately.

If you get any questions, please use feedback form or e-mail to

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